A. Quincy Jones

A. Quincy Jones, FAIA (1913–1979) was a Los Angeles-based architect and professor that later became dean of architecture at the University of Southern California‘s School of Architecture from 1951 through 1967.

Credited with over 5,000 built projects, Hammer writes he isKnown by architects for designing from the inside out, Jones’s homes and buildings are celebrated for expansive interior spaces, thoughtful and efficient building layouts, and a reverence for the outdoors, which still resonates in contemporary design today.” 

Along with Whitney R. Smith and structural engineer Edgardo Contini, Jones was hired by “four musicians wanting to raise the level of middle-income family housing” to develop 800 acres of land in what we now know as Brentwood’s Crestwood Hills neighborhood. 

The project “prospered into a utopian community in the middle of some of the most prime real estate in the country” and every so often we see his architecture for sale.