Architectural Home Designs

Architectural home designs has its roots in International Style. International style architecture emerged in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Paving the way for the mid century modern movement it sought to merge craftmanship with industrial technology. Henry-Russell Hitchcock, a leading American architectural historian, and architect Philip Johnson, captured the essence of this architectural style in their documentary style book called The International Style. Coining the term, the book chronicles Hitchcock and Johnson’s travels across Europe together. “The result was the ground breaking show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1932, ‘The International Style Architecture since 1922,’ which was a collection of the plans and photographs they had collected along the way.” The style has three simple core ideals: ornament is a crime, truth to materials, and form follows function.

Bauhaus Days

Lovell House by Richard Neutra, Pratt House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Gropius House

The most famous pioneers of this style are Le Corbusier in France, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Walter Gropius in Germany. Their work consistently delivered the essence of three simple core ideals which are: ornament is a crime, truth to materials, form follows function. Glass, steel, and concrete became their go to building materials.

Perhaps as a way to spread these core architectural ideals, Gropius founded Bauhaus in 1919. Bauhaus was a school for artists. Despite not starting with an architecture department the school’s early manifesto was “The building is the ultimate goal of all fine art.” Gropius taught his “study of essentials.”

When architect Hannes Meyer  came on board in 1927 he expanded the architecture curriculum to include all relevant subjects such as planning, design, draftsmanship, construction, town planning. Architect students got hands on experience working designing the balcony access houses in Dessau and the labor unions school in Bernau near Berlin. Carl Fieger, the engineer Friedrich Köhn, Hans Wittwer, Ludwig Hilberseimer, Anton Brenner, Alcar Rudelt and Mart Stam taught in the architecture department and helped with the projects. Due to pressure from the Nazi regime the school was forced to close its doors in 1933. The architectural ideals lived on.

Case Study House #22 Stahl-House

Mid Century Modern

The core ideals of International Style traversed from Europe to America and seeped into corporate buildings and American homes. Some of the most recognizable structures in the U.S. include the Glass House apartments in Chicago, the United Nations headquarters, the Lever House, the Seagram Building in New York, and the campus of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. There are a bevvy of residential architectural home designs scattered across Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and the Echo Park hills.

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