Buff, Smith and Hensman

Buff, Straub and Hensman is an architectural firm “that cemented their legacy in the celebrated Case Study Program and Los Angeles’ Modernism movement with Case Study House #20, designed in 1958 for Saul and Ruth Bass.” The house was made of factory-produced stressed skin panels and plywood vaults.

Over the years, the Pasadena-based firm has won more than 30 awards for house designs from the American Institute of Architects.

The firm was known as Buff & Hensmen when Cal Straub moved to Arizona and later Buff, Smith and Hensman when Dennis Smith bought the practice after Don Hensman’s retirement.

From the celebrity owned Wong House in Los Feliz, to the Dubnoff Residence in Pasadena, and the Johnson House in Nichols Canyon their work lasting reminder that less is better.