The Heyday Partnership was founded in 2002 by bro duo, Kevin and Hardy Wronske, with a mission to improve the quality of residential homes in working class neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

The firm is known for building modernist homes and “operate comfortably at the intersection of L.A.’s zoning code and high design.” At their core the brothers believe “Being better does need to be more expensive” and quickly attracted a loyal following, utilizing the small lot ordinance, on projects like Rock Row in Eagle Rock, Dick + Jane in Echo Park, and Auburn in Silver Lake.

Their formula for success is rooted in the design phase. They say, “More time spent on design improves the quality of space using the same materials and construction techniques. Our vertically integrated approach provides further cost savings. Having the contractor, architect, and developer in the same office, we create a design that is optimized for construction, financing, and living.”

The firm has been recognized with a 2014 AIA Merit Award, 2010 AIA Young Architectural Talent Honorable Mention, and have been published in a wide range of publications ranging from the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Urban Land Institutes Guide to Real Estate.

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