Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern (MCM) is generally accepted to reflect styles of architecture, art and crafts between 1945 and 1970 where the goal was to bring modernism to America’s post-war suburbs and neighborhoods by giving a balance of aesthetics and utility to families.

Typical mid century modern designs are defined in their use of large windows and open floor-plans, the intention being to open up interior spaces extending the feel of the outdoors into the home itself.  Improvements to mid 20th century construction capability such us the introduction of post and beam architecture made this possible by eliminating the need for bulky support walls so they could be in part replaced by glass.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright is often credited as being the father of the organic architecture, a movement associated with midcentury real estate.  By blending arts and crafts into an aesthetic remodelling of the accepted conventions of the time, mid-century modern styling saw the introduction of high ceilings and attractive long horizontal lines with deep overhangs on exterior elevations.

Midcentury modern homes in Los Angeles

Mid-century modern homes are also characterized by solid foundations, clean simplicity and harmony between the man-made and the natural.  A classic exponent of this principle is architect John Lautner whose inspiration, Arthur Elrod House (1968) saw the interiors used in the filming of the James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.

Often referred to as the California Modern style, mid century modern homes are today seen or thought of as contemporary and sometimes even retro.  Perhaps it is the brick fireplace, the sparse furnishing style or just the functional beauty that makes midcentury modern to popular with buyers today. Whatever the reason they are in demand and new businesses are springing up to supplying original midcentury modern furniture has sprung up to meet the demand of purists living the dream.

Here in Los Angeles Joseph Eichler (Eichler Homes) was instrumental in bringing mid-century homes to our neighborhoods and they look as good today as they did when first built.  One of the additional beauties of all mid century real estate irrespective of the architect is the incredible value they offer to today’s buyers, especially those homes that have not been fully renovated or those that could be remodelled again using current energy saving materials.

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